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Hennessey Teases New Venom F5 Hypercar Colors

Posted on 2017-11-16

The new Hennessey Venom F5 was unveiled in a brilliant yellow paint that was fitting for a new star in the hypercar world. Now, Hennessey has teased a number of other color options for the Venom F5 in a series of Instagram posts. This includes a “Glacier Blue,” “McLaren Orange,” “Crystal Blue,” “Red Rocker,” “Vader Black,” and a slate gray. Check each of them out below.


The Venom F5 has 1,600 bhp at the ready, which...

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Want Speed? At 261 MPH, the Bugatti Chiron Has the Answer

Posted on 2017-07-13


I’ve done fast and silly fast, but this is flaming ridiculous


SEVERAL years ago I reviewed the Bugatti Veyron in The Sunday Times and was a bit gushing. I talked about the sheer complexity of making a car feel stable and poised when it was travelling at 240mph-plus, and how dangerous and annoying the air can be at such speeds.

A 240-mph wind would knock over every building in New York. It would devastate and destroy everything...

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